It is the commitment of Eclipse Resources to operate with environmental integrity and we are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and contractors at all facilities and during all processes. Environmental, health, and safety management systems are an indispensible part of our commitment to excellence. Below are some of the many prudent environmental activities and operational practices employed by Eclipse Resources.

Closed-Loop Drilling System: Through the use of a closed-loop drilling system, Eclipse Resources recycles drilling fluids and eliminates the need for earthen pits. No earthen pit on well site locations removes the chance of contamination as a result of pit usage.

Domestic and Agricultural Water Well Testing: Eclipse Resources goes over and above the requirements outlined by regulatory agencies through conducting pre-drill potable water testing on sources within 2500’ of the well bore.

Reduction of Surface Impacts: Through installing multiple wells on a single well pad, Eclipse Resources reduces its environmental footprint, reduces the chances of forest fragmentation, and diminishes the impact on local infrastructure.

Water Source Management: Eclipse Resources conducts cradle to grave manifesting of purchased and withdrawn water used for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Transparency in Chemical Usage: Prior to it being required by regulatory agencies, Eclipse Resources voluntarily supplied chemical usage data to Frac Focus®, a website assisting in industry transparency.

Best Management Practices to Protect the Environment and Ground Water During Operations: Eclipse Resources utilize advanced, tailored casing cement to minimize any chance of gas migration.

Extensive Pre-Construction Environmental Surveys and Multi-Regulatory Coordination: Prior to constructing a well site, numerous extensive studies are conducted to ensure the avoidance of sensitive ecosystems.

Repair and Rebuild Infrastructure: Miles of roads in Eclipse Resources operation areas have been upgraded, cement solidified and paved.

Robust Air Protection Program: Eclipse Resources conducts numerous studies and testing to ensure that fugitive emissions are non-existent at producing sites.

Implementation of New Technologies: “Green Fracs,” are conducted at Eclipse Resources hydraulic fracturing sites. Through the use of natural gas to fuel hydraulic fracturing activities, versus the use of diesel to fuel equipment, air emissions are greatly reduced.

Innovative Wastewater Recycling: On-site water recycling is conducted during all well site completion activities. Fresh water volumes from water withdrawals in operational areas are greatly reduced through the treatment and reuse of production brines in the hydraulic fracturing of future wells.