Corporate Headquarters
2121 Old Gatesburg Road, Suite 110
State College, PA 16803
(866) 590-2568

Key Operating Areas

Eclipse Resources core acreage position is well delineated in the heart of a world class play. 

    Noble, Guernsey, Monroe, Belmont and Harrison Counties, located in Eastern Ohio.

Superior Technical and Operational Expertise

We have assembled a team of technical specialists, individually selected as the best in their respective fields, and have implemented an organizational structure that emphasizes a systematic, process-driven approach to developing our asset base. Utilizing the expertise of our employees, consultants and top level service companies, allows us to complete the drilling process quickly and efficiently, while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

      • Eclipse has increased its lateral length by over 33% since its inception while significantly lowering its cost per lateral foot to industry leading levels
      • Peering leading drilling days averaging just 17 in the higher pressure, deeper and more technically challenged portion of our acreage in the dry gas areas
      • When compare to peers, Eclipses recent dry gas well costs per lateral foot have outperformed peers by 15-25%

Diversified Midstream Strategy

Eclipse’s acreage is centered across a confluence of major pipelines in the country providing significant in and out of basin optionality.  The company’s transportation portfolio follows our projected production volume growth and that ramp in production is properly matched to our pipeline commitments.  Our gathering and processing contracts are supported by acreage dedications rather than volumetric commitments. This in place capacity allows us to achieve tighter differentials while allowing production to flow to premium markets and a diversity of customers.

      • Firm gathering, processing and fractionation with Blue Racer Midstream for its operated Utica Shale liquids area acreage in place
      • Firm gathering with Eureka Hunter for its operated Utica Shale dry gas acreage in place
      • Firm condensate gathering and stabilization with EnLink Midstream in place


Environmental Excellence

We believe the pursuit of excellence requires a commitment to sound environmental practices, the promotion of a safe work environment and corporate social responsibility.  We live this commitment each day through the implementation of best management practices that are utilized throughout the well development process and in every operation.  Ohio has a long history of oil and gas production and we have built a solid, cooperative relationship with Federal, State and Local Regulators.